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Mr Miskry’s fee for Package of Antenatal care and Delivery – £10,500

A fixed price obstetric package of care as opposed to invoicing a fee for each consultation (as in other specialities) reflects the need for 24 hour consultant availability and emergency cover, which is unique to obstetrics.

You have the reassurance that there will be no additional Consultant fees should you have any specific needs or develop a problem in pregnancy that requires more than “routine” appointments or level of care.

There is no differentiation in price for vaginal delivery or planned or emergency c section.

Package includes:

  • All antenatal consultations including “mini” scans carried out by Mr Miskry at antenatal appointments to check your baby’s heartbeat and position
  • 24 hour consultant availability for problems throughout your pregnancy
  • Email and telephone support
  • Consultant management of labour and delivery
  • Postnatal management of care in hospital
  • Availability for postnatal problems for six weeks
  • Post natal consultation six weeks following delivery

You will be invoiced £4,250 deposit at 16 weeks, and the remaining £6,250 at 32 weeks. We ask for invoices to be settled by bank transfer cheque or cash within 14 days.

Full payment in advance will be requested from non-UK residents or late bookings.

One off antenatal consultation (not part of package of care) £300.


Insurance companies and obstetric care

Most UK insurance companies do not cover routine antenatal care and delivery. Sometimes in the case of an emergency c section you may be able to claim reimbursement for your hospital costs and a proportion of Mr Miskry’s fee.  Mr Miskry can provide a medical report in support of your claim, and an itemised invoice/receipt for the insurance company’s published c section fee for you to submit. Please check you level of cover as each insurance company will have a maximum reimbursement level for a c section (code R1820).

If before delivery you have a known medical reason for requiring an elective c section please discuss this with Mr Miskry. He will be able to provide your insurance company with the relevant information to assess eligibility for this in advance of a planned admission.


International Medical Insurance for Obstetric package of care

Some international insurance companies do provide cover for pregnancy care, however often there is an annual limit for maternity cover.

If your policy is not sufficient  to cover all of your expected costs (bearing in mind the hospital costs, anaesthetist fees, blood tests and specialised scans  will also come out of this allowance) you should use your cover primarily for the hospital bill, as your insurance company may have a discounted rate agreed.

We would therefore invoice you directly as a self-funding patient,  after delivery should you have allowance left we can provide an itemised invoice listing dates of treatment in order for you to claim reimbursement.

If your pregnancy spans two membership years you may have allowance available to claim in each year, in which case we can provide an invoice at the renewal date for care up to that point. Please let us know the relevant date if this is the case.

If your level of cover is sufficient to cover all of your maternity costs it may be possible to invoice your insurer directly. Insurance companies will not pay for care in advance so we would ask for a guarantee of payment a month before your expected due date, and would invoice for the full fee after delivery ,when we can provide an itemised invoice showing dates of consultations and delivery.

Should there be a shortfall in payment from your insurer you are responsible for any fees not covered and our usual payment terms apply.

Additional charges

1. Hospital fees

Your costs will depend on time spent in hospital and type of delivery. For further information and a breakdown of likely hospital charges please check with the relevant hospital.

Please note your hospital booking will not be secure until the Lindo Wing/Portland invoice for their deposit has been paid.

Lindo Wing contact 0203 312 6224

Portland maternity services enquiry line 0207 390 6068


2. Anaesthetic Fees

Anaesthetic fees vary between the Portland Hospital and Lindo Wing, please check with the hospital of your choice.

For the Lindo Wing e mail [email protected] or speak to the anaesthetic secretary on 0758 786 8182.

The Portland prices can be found on their website



3. Pathology

Blood tests are usually carried out at The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) 76 Wimpole Street.

Prices given may vary depending on exactly which tests you require. Fees are payable directly to the Laboratory, please confirm costs with them.

Additional blood tests may be advised by Mr Miskry, again please check prices with the Laboratory.


4. Specialised Scans

In addition to scans performed by Mr Miskry during your appointments to check the heartbeat or position of your baby, most mothers will have a minimum of three or four routine scans in pregnancy:

NIPT test and scan at 10 weeks
Nuchal translucency scan at 12 weeks
A detailed anomaly scan at 20 weeks
A fetal wellbeing/growth scan at 32 to 34 weeks

An early viability scan which accurately dates the pregnancy may also be indicated.
Prenatal testing by chorion villus sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis are also available.

We recommend Ultrasound Diagnostic Services or The Fetal Medicine Centre and fees are payable directly to these units. Gail can provide an idea of costs but as with all tests please confirm prices with the units.

If you prefer to attend an alternative scanning unit of your choice please ensure we receive a copy of your scan report.

Request an appointment

Clinics are three times a week and Gail will help you arrange a time to see Mr Miskry and if necessary a scan on the same day.

If you are pregnant, you can expect to have a number of routine tests and appointments and you can find out more about the schedule of care here.

Appointments can be arranged by phone or email.

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    What our patients say about us

    thank you so much for the fantastic care both before, during and after Alice’s birth…we felt in extremely safe and capable hands at the time of her delivery, which was a huge relief. Many, many thanks for your skill and dedication

    thank you for your care, advice and skilful surgery

    you were so reassuring and I really appreciate how patient you were with me always…you made everything so easy

    thank you so much for the medical expertise and all the care you have given us over the last 6 years

    thank you for all of your support, patience, good humour and, above all, exceptional knowledge and skill during the pregnancies and births of our children

    a heartfelt thank you for everything you’ve done…and delivering our precious baby safely. We found you to be extremely professional, caring and reassuring at an extremely difficult time for us

    we will always appreciate the great care and support you have given us through all our pregnancies

    this was a very difficult time for us, often filled with anxiety and worry and we could not have wished for a better obstetrician to guide us through this

    I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon

    thank you so much! From my first appointment with you to the last you filled me with confidence and made me feel at ease


    These are some of our most commonly asked questions, but you can see all of them here

    Do I need a GP referral for private treatment?

    No. However if you have private medical insurance please check with your insurer as they may require a GP referral in order to provide cover.

    Where does Mr Miskry see patients?

    All clinics are held at 148 Harley Street.

    Where does Mr Miskry perform operations?

    The Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital and King Edward VII’s Hospital.

    If I have a private consultation will this alter my care in the NHS?

    No. Your treatment or position on an NHS waiting list will not be affected by having had a private consultation/surgery.

    Are tests included in my consultation fee?

    Any tests Mr Miskry recommends as part of your care are payable directly to the clinic/lab/hospital where they are carried out and are not part of our fees.